Flare Monitor

Viewing Head

Flare Guard
Model 377

Flare Guard Brochure (pdf) (1.37MB)
Flare Guard Manual (pdf) (1.53MB)

Description The Flare Guard is a remotely mounted surveillance system that monitors pilot status and flare activity. The Model 377 Viewing Head is a rugged, all-weather, industrial grade instrument designed for outdoor installation in harsh environments. Post-scan processing, display, and I/O interfaces are provided by the Model 377 Processor. Communication between the Processor and the Viewing Head is over an RS-485 network. The Processor can be mounted in any convenient location up to several thousand feet, over one thousand meters, from the Viewing Head.

Technology The Flare Guard uses a detector that responds to the ultraviolet radiation generated during hydrocarbon combustion. This detection scheme is well known, proven, and commonly used. The system does not require cyclic calibration, automatic gain control, wavelength comparison, or any other method to stabilize the sensitivity and response of the detector. An extremely high signal to noise ratio and low susceptibility to atmospheric effects are the prime motivators for using this detection method.

Reliability The Flare Guard incorporates all of the advantages of the high reliability design program used at Terracene International. The reliability features specific to this instrument are detector self-checking, automatic and manual diagnostics, data integrity verification, and transient protection on all sensitive field connections.

Application The Flare Guard provides an economical solution for pilot and flare monitoring. When faced with the expense of thermocouple installation or when an independent monitoring system is required, the remotely mounted Flare Guard is the right choice.

Agency Approval The Model 377 Viewing Head carries CSA approval for operation in Class 1, Division II, hazardous locations. The Model 377 Processor carries CSA approval for operation in general classification areas