Industrial Product Development

Product Development

  • Comprehensive design services for solving industry problems.
  • Mathmatical modeling of electronic, mechanical and optical systems.

  • Machines and instrumentation for manufacturing processes.
  • Prototype design, fabrication, and performance verification of industrial products..

Application Specific Analysis and Design

Product Development Examples Terracene International provides mechanicaland electronic equipment for monitoring and control of industrial processes. Readily availablesystems are used for most standard applications,but, when necessary, new products are developed to suit customer specific requirements.

As an example, the centrifugal pump shown here was designed and fabricated to serve as a universal test bed. This specialized apparatus was used to verify the performance of simplified geometry impeller, diffuser, and volute designs
developed by Terracene. Test results confirmed the viability of a simplified geometry approach to specialized pumping applications.

Terracene offers a wide range of development services for standard and custom solutions.

  • Mechanical Design.
  • Stress Analysis.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Load Monitoring.
  • Process Control.

The corporate philosophy at Terracene is to promote safety and efficiency in all industrial operations. Call us with your requirements.